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    Bison Metal Service Inc provides professional consulting service to worldwide steel companies and customers. Its publishing magazine of “Global Metal Online” introduces the information of Chinese steel consumption market and top quality steel product out of China. Bison has site inspection team has been serving the steel buyers from Europe and USA with professional inspection technology and report for years. Our team covers the entire steel production process and products. Out global sourcing team can help you to identify the most reliable mills out of China through our detailed mill audit and site control process. This is the company you can trust based on the service.

    Our business started in 2003 when a major US steel trader needed a product inspection and loading report at a stainless steel mill. Since then, our scope has expanded to a full process service provider; in addition to all steel manufacturing, it now covers petrochemical industries and medical equipment manufacturing.

    We offer:

    1. Supplier facility audit

    2. Manufacturing process review

    3. Continuous monitoring throughout the production

    4. Finished product inspection

    5. Packing and loading survey & report

    What makes Bison Metal Services unique

    1. We provide detailed inspection plan for customer to review/approve before we proceed

    2. Any issues identified at site will be immediately reported to customer instead of waiting for hours or days.

    3. All our team members have extensive training, a solid technical background and are fully-certified

    4. We are strategically located in the Chinese manufacturing center Suzhou with an easy access to many factories

    5. More cost-efficient than global inspection companies

    6. We maintain an alliance with local testing facilities and labs 

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